Any of you forex experts want to hazard an opinion on what you think the Aussie dollar will do over the next few months in relation to the USD and JPY? We’re about to book a ski trip to Hokkaido Japan and hoping the ozzie will head back above 80, last time we went two years ago it was closer to 100! Will it go lower if the Aussie Reserve Bank announces more interest rate cuts or is that already factored in? Not sure whether to hold off buying JPY in the hope it will recover some lost ground or buy where it is mid 70′s?

One Review of Japanese Ski trip from Oz, what direction is AUDJPY heading?

  1. alan56 says:

    we’re in the same spot, were going to buy cash a week or so ago, but held off. It was above 80 then. I’ve heard predictions of it going even lower with the USD before Christmas, if that’s the case then maybe best to get some now

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