Remit2India is an online remittance solution which caters to NRIs across 24 countries with simple, safe and convenient money transfer solutions.

With attractive exchange rates and low transfer fees, Remit2India ensures you get the most out of your money. You can choose from multiple money transfer options and track the status of your payments anytime!

With Remit2India, You can now send money from Australia to India INSTANTLY! Your money will be deposited into the receiver’s account in minutes.

Benefits in store for you:

- Better exchange rates & low fees

- Instant AUD to INR money transfers

- Quick, safe, hassle-free transactions

- Timely payment status tracker

- Option to set payment alerts

- Multiple money transfer modes

- Referral rewards worth Rs. 1000

- Guaranteed exchange rate

- 24*7 customer support

Compare Remit2India Exchange Rates to other providers and the banks.

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WeSwap Online Travel Money

Get the best possible Exchange Rates from WeSwap when you Order Travel Money Online from WeSwap available in all major currencies:
Order Travel Cash
- Delivered in 5-7 days (Free Super Saver deal)
- Travel cancellation refund included
- Secure online ordering

WeSwap Pre-paid Mastercard

WeSwap also provide a great Pre-paid Travel Card with 16 currencies including Pounds, Euros, Dollars, Yen and more.

Balance leftover after your trip? Swap into another currency for next time, or swap it back and spend at home.

We automatically swap your currency with people going in the opposite direction, so everyone gets the best possible rate.

WeSwap Pre-paid Mastercard – Fees and Limits Schedule

Name Description Amount
Swap Fees
Swap Commission A commission charged by us when a part of a currency swap is executed. The commission is charged in the destination currency (e.g. if you wish to swap GBP1,000 into USD, the fee will be charged in USD). The commission payable depends on how quickly you ask us to complete your swap. We provide the following three options:

  • Immediate swap – 1.4% of the amount swapped
  • 3 day swap – 1.3% of the amount swapped
  • 1 week swap – 1% of the amount swapped

Your swap may complete earlier than requested. In that case, you will still always be charged at the original swap commission rate selected. For example:

  1. If you select a 1 week swap but we are able to complete your swap sooner, we will still only charge you 1%.
  2. If your 3 day swap completes in 1 day, we will still only charge 1.3%
Usage Fees
Cash Machine Withdrawal Charge Fees charged for cash machine withdrawals. For withdrawals of £200 or more (or €250, $300, NKr2000, SKr2000, DKr2000, NZ$400, zł1000, S$400, R3500, A$350, C$350, CHF300, HK$2500, Ft80000, ¥35000), no charge.

For withdrawals below £200 (or €250, $300, NKr2,000, SKr2,000, DKr2,000, NZ$400, zł1000, S$400, R3500, A$350, C$350, CHF300, HK$2500, Ft80000, ¥35000), a charge of £1.50 (€1.75, $2.25, Nkr15.00, SKr15.00, DKr15.00, NZ$3, zł8, S$3, R25, A$3, C$3, CHF2.25, HK$20, Ft600, ¥275) per withdrawal.

In addition, you may be charged by the operator of the cash machine.

Load Fee Fee charged for loading money into your Wallet. No charges for bank transfer or debit card loads
Fees for Additional Services
Replacement card Fee charged to cancel and replace a lost/stolen or damaged Card. £5
Additional card A one-off fee charged on issue of an additional card. £15
Incidental Fees
Chargeback Fee Fee for a chargeback. £10
Administration Fee This fee is chargeable under certain rare circumstances (if you request an additional service from us which we normally do not provide), but we will always notify you in advance if and when the fee applies. To be agreed with you.
Inactivity Fee Chargeable if there is no activity on your Account for a consecutive period of 12 months. £2 per month during which your Account is inactive.
Stamp Duty (Republic of Ireland only) Stamp duty charged by the Irish government in respect of payment cards issued to residents of the Republic of Ireland. €5 per year, will be deducted from the balance on the account, or from the first load of the year
Loading limits Minimum load amount £50 (or €60, NKr500, SKr500, DKr500)
  Maximum single load £3,000 (or equivalent) per load
  Maximum number of loads 5 loads per day
  Maximum load per year £12,000 (or equivalent)
Balance limit Maximum consolidated balance £6,000 (across all currencies)
Spending limits Maximum spend The balance on your account
  Maximum number of transactions 10 per day
ATM limit Maximum ATM withdrawals 2 per day
  Maximum amount per day £500 (or equivalent) per day
Swapping limits Minimum amount for a swap £5 (or €6 or $7.50 or DKr 50 or SKr 50 or NKr 50 or NZ$10, zł25, S$10, R100, A$10, C$10, CHF10, HK$100, Ft2000, ¥1000)
  Maximum amount for a swap Balance in the currency you wish to swap from

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Why choose WorldRemit?

Low cost
Low fees displayed up-front. Guaranteed exchange rates

Instant transfer to many countries. Send & receive notifications by SMS and email

24/7 service – no agents to visit. Available on computer, smartphone & tablet

Industry-leading payment security. Rated ‘Excellent’ by our customers on Trustpilot

More ways to receive money
Choose from a range of convenient options

Bank deposit
Instant money transfer to many major banks.

Cash pickup
Available to collect within minutes at most locations.

Mobile Money
Instantly send money to a Mobile Money wallet.

Airtime top-up
Instantly recharge mobile airtime.

How do I pay for my transfer?

WorldRemit does not accept cash as a means of paying for your money transfer.

As an online business, it would be very difficult for you to physically get the money to us.
Also, for security reasons, it is important to know where money is coming from before it is sent abroad.
It is much harder to do this with cash.

Debit & credit card

You can pay for your money transfer through WorldRemit using a debit or
credit card in any of the countries where our service is available.

WorldRemit accepts Visa, Mastercard and Maestro.  When paying with a credit card you
may be charged a cash advance fee so please check with your card provider.

Bank account payment services

In several countries, WorldRemit has partnered with respected, well-established online payment
services. Barclays Pingit, SOFORT, POLI, iDeal and Interac all connect directly to your internet
banking service to offer fast, secure payments.

Instructions for using each method are provided during the payment stage of the transfer.

Your transfer will commence once WorldRemit has received the payment.

The maximum amount you can send may be lower for some countries.


Transfer method

Maximum amount

Compatible with

Australia & New Zealand

POLi: use internet banking details to make payment.

Find out more about POLi here.






All major banks.

Austria, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands & United Kingdom


SOFORT: use internet banking details to make payment.

Find out more about SOFORT here.






All major banks


INTERAC:  use internet banking details to make payment.

Find out more about INTERAC here.




BMO, Scotiabank
TD Canada Trust,
and RBC Royal Bank



iDEAL: use internet banking details to make payment.

Find out more about iDEAL here.




All major banks



United Kingdom

Barclays Pingit:  Mobile app that works with all UK banks to enable fast payments.

Find out more about Barclays Pingit here.




All major banks

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International Payments
Agility Forex make the process of sending money overseas easy and painless. Their online platform provides real time pricing with the best rates, with transactions being completed in seconds. Simply add and choose your beneficiary, how much you are sending and what currency you are paying in. Simple.

If you know you have a currency requirement sometime in the future and are concerned about what the currency rate might do between now and then, you can lock in a rate today for that future requirement. Forwards allow you to take the risk out of future market movements by agreeing the rate you transact at today.

Options are another way to manage your future currency risk. Options can be a good way to manage your downside risk so you know what your worst case scenario is whilst allowing you to benefit from a currency move in your favour.

Limit Order
A limit order is an order to buy or sell currency at a pre-determined rate better than what is currently available. When the target level is reached your currency is purchased automatically. Our systems monitor client orders around the clock, 24/7.

Stop Loss Order
A stop loss order is designed to protect your downside. You may have a currency exchange requirement but are waiting for a better rate, a stop loss order will give you piece of mind that you are protected from a sudden large move against you.

Minimum Amounts
Please bear in mind that Agility Forex have minimum transaction amounts, which is generally 5000 of base currency however for USDCAD the minimum is 3000 USD. Agility Forex only deal in electronic funds and can’t accept payment in cash or by cheque.

Analysis and Market Information
As specialists in foreign exchange Agility Forex live and breathe the currency markets. They monitor news and trends and keep you informed with email updates. View Latest Research

No fees, no commission. Our fully automated systems let you price, transact and securely speed your payments around the World, in time every time. And all at the best rates. Register Now.

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Financial markets over the past year have been defined by diverging monetary policy settings with shifting rate expectations changing the dynamic of broader forex markets. Having initially traded up above the 94 US Cents mark as recently as September the Australian dollar has now lost more than 15 percent over the past four months a shift made even more notable given its been more than three years since the Australian dollar hit its all-time high of 1.10 in August 2011.

With its weakness being driven mainly by a strengthening US dollar, investors are no longer tying macro developments directly to their implications for QE. Looking ahead over the coming year an eventual tightening of policy by the US Federal Reserve during the first half is expected, a move which should ensure the upward trajectory of the US dollar is maintained.

Keeping in mind the key theme remains Greenback (US Dollar) strength; significant falls across broader commodity prices, softer growth indicators from China as well as a relatively dovish domestic outlook have also played their part.

Looking ahead over the coming 12 months, more of the same is likely with higher rates of return available offshore reducing the attractiveness of the Australian dollar, as a result heightening the risks of a further depreciation.

Michael Judge, OzForex Corporate Dealer


Michael Judge is Corporate Foreign Exchange Dealer at OzForex, a global provider of online international payment services and a key provider of Forex news.
To speak to one of OzForex’s accredited dealers about your foreign exchange requirements call 1300 300 424 in Australia (0845 686 1950 in the UK; 1800 680 0750 in Canada or 0800 161 868 in NZ) or ‘click ‘on the below button to register;

Register with OzForex – 3 easy steps

Registering with OzForex is FREE and you can view our live dealing rates immediately. Mention BestExchangeRates when you register and you will receive your first two transactions fee FREE!

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TransferWise is a private, peer-to-peer online money transfer company, which launched in 2011. Headquartered in London, the firm offers money transfer services to and from 17 countries, with the ability to send money to an additional nine countries.

Register with TransferWise and Save

Exchange Rates

TransferWise makes reasonable efforts to match transactions at exchange rates aligned to the mid-market rate at the global currency markets. TransferWise relies on aggregated third party information sources (including exchange rates under licence from XE.COM INC (“XE”,, and we do not guarantee that the rates match any particular benchmark source at any given time. TransferWise is not liable in any way if the target currency after the exchange is less than anticipated as a result of changes in the global currency markets.

Unless the exchange rate is locked-in pursuant to the section below, TransferWise converts your transaction amount (or any proportion thereof) by matching it with a number of different counterparties. Every such match is conducted at the mid-market rate at the time of the relevant match. The final effective rate (the “Effective Rate”) for your transaction is then a weighted average of the rates across all applied matches.

TransferWise does not take any margin or spread on the exchange rate, hence there are no buy and sell rates. The rate that you get is exactly the same rate as your counterparty.

We may specify the exchange rate applicable to your transaction at the time you initiate your payment. This exchange rate will be locked-in (the “Locked-In Exchange Rate”) for a period which we show you in the payment flow and that period may vary for different currencies (the “Specified Period”).

We will convert the transaction amount at the Locked-In Exchange Rate provided that the transaction amount reaches our relevant bank account within the Specified Period. Unless you cancel your transaction through our website before the transaction amount is converted, we will convert your transaction amount using the Locked-In Exchange Rate even if the mid-market rate at the time of the conversion would be better or worse for you than the Locked-In Exchange rate.

In the event that the transaction amount reaches our bank account after the Specified Period, then the Locked-In Exchange Rate will no longer apply. We will instead apply the Effective Rate in order to convert the transaction amount in accordance with the provisions set out above.

In order to protect you from negative volatility in the global foreign exchange markets, TransferWise automatically applies a 3% rate limit (the “Automatic Rate Limit”) to all transactions in any currency other than the currencies where we lock the rate according to the section above.

This means that in the event that the conversion rate moves negatively against you beyond the Automatic Rate Limit, then TransferWise will temporarily stop any further conversions until market conditions improve.

We will notify you should the situation not improve for more than 24 hours. You may manually adjust this rate limit to below 3% (eg. 2%, 1% or 0.5% etc) by logging into your TransferWise account. TransferWise will always pass on any improvements in exchange rates. Any rate limits will only apply to limit negative rate movements.


Fee: To From Minimum fee Threshold Notes
AUD 0.5% 0.5% A$1.5 A$300  
AED 1.5%* - 11 AED* 749 AED *The minimum fee is 11 AED calculated at the mid market rate into the currency you’re sending from when sending to AED
BGN 0.7% 0.7% 2.80 BGN 400 BGN  
BRL 2%* - 10 BRL* 500 BRL* *The minimum fee is 10 BRL. Both the threshold and the minimum fee are calculated at the mid market rate into the currency you’re sending from
CAD 0.5% 0.5%+* C$10 C$300/C$370* Sending from Canada is via SWIFT and carries an additional charge of C$10 as well as extra banking charges. For payments from CAD the threshold is C$300, for payments to CAD the threshold is the equivalent of C$370
CHF 0.5% 0.5% 1.5 CHF 300 CHF  
CZK 0.7% 0.7% 42 CZK 6 000 CZK  
DKK 0.5% 0.5% 10 Kr 2 000 Kr  
EUR 0.5% 0.5% €1 €200  
GBP 0.5% 0.5% £1 £200  
GEL 0.5% 0.5% 2 GEL 500 GEL  
HKD 0.5% - - -  
HUF 0.7% 0.7% 420 HUF 60 000 HUF  
INR 0.7%* - - - *Except for payments from USD to INR, where the fee is 1.5% for amounts below $5000, and 1% for amounts above.
JPY 0.5%+* 0.5%+* 1 000 JPY 30,000 JPY *Sending to and from Japan is via SWIFT and carries a higher fee from our side of 1000 JPY as well as extra banking charges.
MAD 1.5% - 30 MAD 2 000 MAD  
MYR 0.7% - - -  
NGN 1% - 580 NGN* - *The minimum fee when sending to NGN is 2 GBP, which is approx 580 NGN, and is calculated at the mid market rate into the currency you’re sending from
NOK 0.5% 0.5% 10 Kr 2 000 Kr  
NZD 0.7% - - -  
PHP 1%* - 145 PHP* - *The minimum fee is 145 PHP calculated at the mid market rate into the currency you’re sending from
PKR 0.5% - - -  
PLN 0.5% 0.5% 5 PLN 1 000 PLN  
RON 1%* 1%* 10 RON* 1 000 RON *The minimum fee is 10RON calculated at the mid market rate into the currency you’re sending from when sending to RON. When sending from RON, it’s simply 10RON
SEK 0.5% 0.5% 10 Kr 2 000 Kr  
SGD 0.5% - - -  
THB 1.5%* - 100 THB* 6,500 THB *The minimum fee is 100 THB calculated at the mid market rate into the currency you’re sending from when sending to THB.
TRY 1%* 6 TRY 600 TRY *The minimum fee is 6 TRY calculated at the mid market rate into the currency you’re sending from when sending to TRY.
UAH 3% - 45 UAH 1500 UAH *The minimum fee is 45 UAH calculated at the mid market rate into the currency you’re sending from when sending to UAH.
USD 0.5% * * * *Fees for transfers from USD are calculated slightly different. See below

Pricing for transfers from USD

TransferWise Pricing for All USD Deposit Methods:

Transfers from USD have a slightly different pricing structure, compared to regular TransferWise payments. Note:The below fees do not include charges that your bank (or intermediate banks in the case of SWIFT payments) may levy.

For USD transfers to 0.5% and 0.7% currencies (except INR see below) (e.g. GBP, EUR, CHF, NZD, CZK etc.), the pricing is as follows.

For transfers up to $300, our fee is a flat $3.
For transfers up to $5000, our fee is 1% of the amount sent (so up to $50).
And on any amount over the initial $5000, our fee is 0.7%.

So, for a $6000 transfer, our fee would be 1% for the first $5000. Then for the additional $1000, the fee would be 0.7%. This means our entire take would be 57USD (50 + 7).

For USD transfers to INR For payments from USD to INR the fee is 1.5% for amounts up to $5,000, then 1% for any additional amount over $5,000. The minimum fee is $4.50.

For USD transfers to 1% currencies (RON, TRY, etc.), the fee is 1% for transfers over $3. The minimum fee is $3.

For USD transfers to SWIFT currencies (e.g. JPY), there’s a slightly larger minimum fee to take into account SWIFT transfer costs. It’s as follows:

The minimum fee is $3 + 1000JPY in USD at the current mid-market rate when setting up the transfer.

Then it’s as before- for transfers up to $5000, our fee is 1% of the amount sent (so up to $50). Over that and our fee is 0.7%.

Register with TransferWise and Save

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Description of Klinnk products and services.

Klinnk is a cross-border online remittance solution which provides a safe and easy service to expatriates of many countries, enabling them to send money home to their countries of origin. The team at Klinnk continuously strives to simplify money transfer for both the sender and the receiver. As the process is completely online, your transactions can now be booked in few clicks, anytime, anywhere.

With Klinnk, expats benefit from:

– Better exchange rates & low fees

– Quick, simple, hassle-free transactions

– Timely payment status tracker

– 24*7 customer service

– 100% online money transfer service

– No visiting banks or agents or standing in queues

– Secure and transparent process

Compare Klinnk Exchange Rates to other providers and the banks.

Transfer Fees

We understand the importance of your hard earned money, which is why we charge a very reasonable transfer fee.

Our transfer fee is only 7 AUD on money transfers to China.

Receiving money is free of charge.

Transfer Schedule

Klinnk understands that your money has to reach its destination fast and safe.

Our processing time is same day credits subject to funds being received before cut off time (2:00 P.M Sydney time) and fulfilling KYC requirements.

Delivery Time as mentioned above excludes Saturdays, Sundays and any other bank holiday in Australia, China or Hong Kong.

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Travelex UK Travel Money

Convenience from a brand you can trust

As the world’s largest retail foreign exchange specialist, Travelex has over 1,500 bureau de change outlets principally in airports and tourist locations across 28 countries.

Whether you like the convenience of getting your travel money at the airport (pre-ordered or on the spot) or simply need a little extra whilst you are away, there is likely to be a Travelex bureau de change nearby. Travelex also has partner relationships in over 100 countries and at 20,000 locations across the globe so you’ll be able to benefit from our offering wherever you are.

With the Price Promise, if you find a cheaper overall price, we’ll refund the difference*.

Pick up your pre-ordered travel money

Travelex offers a free pick up in store service that allows you to order all your travel money online and pick it up from a Travelex bureau de change of your choice in as little as 4 hours. This gives you the benefit from our most competitive foreign exchange rates together with the convenience of airport pick-up.

Simply select to collect at a Travelex shop when ordering your currency and select your preferred location from the drop-down list.

Free Home Delivery

Just order £500 or more of cash before 3pm to qualify for free next day delivery. So whether you’re travelling soon, or just can’t wait to get that holiday feeling, place your order now.

Order Online from Travelex now

Order Online for Pickup or Home Delivery

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We believe sending money abroad should be fast, easy and good value for everyone.

azimo have created a way to send money that suits how people live today – online, mobile and social.

Born out of frustration at the money transfer industry. So much waste, cost and poor customer service. Set up by a super hard-working team, who have created a better way to send money overseas.

Screenshot of a Azimo GBP to AUD transfer :

Azimo Screenshot sending GBP 500 to AUD - Debit card payment option

Note: One advantage with Azimo is that you can quickly send upto 900 GBP per month from your credit card or bank transfer without any ID documentation requirements. Higher monthly limits are granted once you send in your driver’s license or passport scanned image.

Send Money now with Azimo

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WorldFirst is a leading foreign exchange and international transfers provider offering a fast international payments process and industry best rates.

Simply open an account online, it only takes a couple of minutes, costs nothing and is obligation free. Compared with banks, you can usually save between 0.5% and 3% of the amount transacted – putting more money in your pocket.

WorldFirst keep you in touch with the status of your transfer and notify you at every stage of the process.

Compare WorldFirst Exchange Rates to other providers and the banks.

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Currencies Direct is one of Europe’s leading non-bank providers of currency exchange and international payment services. Since its formation in 1996 Currencies Direct has maintained its focus on being an innovative service provider of foreign exchange and international transfers for consumers and high net worth individuals with an extensive client base of 200,000.

When you are making international payments you can benefit from Currencies Direct’s experience in seeking the best possible rate, whether you are sending or receiving foreign currency.

They can help to protect you from exchange rate fluctuations and save you time and money on international payments.

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CurrencyFair is the best way to exchange currency and send funds to bank accounts worldwide. Our unique, new peer-to-peer marketplace ensures big savings on exchange rates and fees, and puts YOU back in control. There’s now an efficient and safe alternative to ridiculous bank and broker charges.

CurrencyFair is an online currency exchange market place. The market place is peer-to-peer, with the ability for CurrencyFair to supply liquidity. CurrencyFair is headquartered in Ireland with employees in UK, Australia and Poland.
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As a Lloyds TSB customer you can send money abroad online, in branch or by telephone.

The transfer charge you pay depends on the amount of money you send and how you send it:

- less than £5,000 = £10
- £5,000 or over = £17.50

Branch and Telephone
- less than £5,000 = £20
- £5,000 or over = £35

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