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About BER

The BestExchangeRates platform is a physical foreign exchange pricing service that provides comparison of the latest currency prices from multiple vendors in over 50 countries including Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Singapore, Hong Kong and Eurozone.

The team at BER is a bunch of experienced Currency Exchange professionals dedicated to finding the best rates for you and keeping the banks honest!

David Brown, Founder & CEO BestExchangeRates
David has extensive experience in foreign exchange markets after multiple roles at investment banks and fintech startups in London and Sydney. He founded the BER platform with the goal of providing Retail and SME customers access to the same exchange rate transparency and competition previously only available to larger institutions. BER is now the leading specialist FX comparison website in Australia and a growing list of countries.

The problem we are solving

Banks and currency brokers make their money from both fees and the exchange rates they offer.

Everyone is aware of the fees but few people realise the rate they get is not the mid-rate you see on the news.

That is because generally the vendors hide this mid-rate from you as they are marking it up significantly – to their own benefit.

This is the problem we are solving at BestExchangeRates via our transparent pricing calculator - vendor rates are shown alongside the latest market mid-rate and with each vendor's percentage margin and fees.

Who we Help

Currency Exchange Customers :

Our price comparison algorithms and calculator can save you time and money since it helps you find which vendor is offering the best rate for cash exchange and money transfers right now.

We have organised special deals with some of the vendors such as fee-free transfers etc. We also provide handy tips on how to get the best exchange rates whether for travel or business.

You can register to set up your profile, favourite currencies and receive information on special offers from our vendors.

Currency Exchange Vendors :

BestExchangeRates provides a transparent retail currency market place for FX currency converters via the following services:

- Vendor Accounts lets you submit your rate margins and fees by currency pair and amount
- Web page rate spider - automatic rate import from your website
- Advertising - we provide a source of well qualified traffic for your Forex related site

For more information on any of the above please click here - Vendor Info page.

Contact BER

You can get in touch with us at BER via or this Web Form or by Post at Suite 208, 88 Crown St Woolloomooloo, NSW, Australia.

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