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Friday, 31 July 2015 - Market Commentary
Daily currency news provided by UkForex

: Yesterday saw the release of Advance GDP for the 2nd quarter from America. The first estimate of the data available showed the US economy expanded at an annualised 2.3% between April and June, slightly lower than the 2.6% forecast but a solid rebound after Q1. The dollar rose across the board on the release as the print increased the odds (slightly) that the Fed will start to raise interest rates in September. Accompanying GDP was another strong Unemployment Claims print which came in at 267k. Cable which had traded as high as 1.5640 yesterday lunchtime fell away throughout the rest of the day and currently sits at 1.5560.
We expect a range today in the GBP/USD rate of 1.55 – 1.5640
: There has been more comments from the IMF about the unsustainability of Greece’s debt mountain in the past 24 hours. An unnamed IMF official again stated that the IMF would only contribute money to bailout fund if there was some sort of debt relief for the Greek government. The comments cast doubt on whether the lender of last resort will be willing to contribute to the latest bailout, at least in the initial stages. Today sees the latest Flash CPI data from the Eurozone with both the core and overall reading expected remain at 0.8% and 0.2% respectively. EUR/USD currently trades 1.0930 after making a break for 1.10 yesterday but falling short. GBP/EUR sits at 1.4230.
We expect a range today in the GBP/EUR rate of 1.42 - 1.4310
⇒ view full report Charts : EUR/USD EUR/AUD EUR/JPY EUR/CHF EUR/CAD EUR/CNY
: AUD/USD dropped to a session low of .7255 after yesterday’s US GDP print. It got a temporary boost from a better than expected PPI print overnight which came in at 0.3% rather than 0.2%. The rally has been short-lived however and its falling again, currently trading at .7265. The Kiwi has dropped overnight on the back of an abysmal ANZ Business Confidence release which came out at -15.3, its worst print since March 2009’s -39.3. NZD/USD is at .6555, GBP/AUD is at 2.1395 and GBP/NZD 2.3740.
We expect a range today in the GBP/AUD rate of 2.1305 – 2.1505
We expect a range today in the GBP/NZD rate of 2.3590 – 2.38
⇒ view full report
The U.S Dollar closed lower Friday falling against a basket of major currency counterparts after increases in employment costs failed to meet market expectations. A record low increase in labour costs in the second quarter coupled with a decline in consumer sentiment dampened expectations consumers will drive inflation and suggests the labour market is still short of running at full capacity. The soft print hampered interest rate bets and suggestions the Federal Reserve will amend its accommodative monetary policy stance come September and forced the Dollar index downward. The world’s base currency then found support in stronger than anticipated Chicago factory activity while Fed member Jimmy Bullard suggested the FOMC was “in a good position to make the first normalisation move”. The comments helped put the brakes on shorting of USD long bets and positions stabilised into the close.  
The Euro recouped much of the week’s early losses through Friday bolstered by stronger than anticipated inflation data. Core European Monetary Union (EMU) CPI data printed above market estimates and fuelled a an upward rally paring losses and touching intraday highs of 1.1088 before edging back below 1.10 to close the session.
With a series of headline data events in the week ahead attentions will be primarily focused on Today’s PCE price index measure of inflation and Friday’s Non-Farm Payroll print, wherein a strong read will likely trigger a bullish run and solidify expectations of a 2015 rate hike.
Data releases:
AIG Manufacturing Index, MI Inflation Gauge, HIA New Home Sales and ANZ Job Advertisements
NZD: No Data
⇒ view full report Charts : USD/EUR EUR/USD USD/JPY

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OzForex Research
Major Currency Pair Movements Last Week: EUR/USD - Reversed direction last week. USD/JPY - Lost a fraction. GBP/USD - Declined last week. AUD/USD - Continued its decline. USD/CAD - Extended its previous week’s gains. NZD/USD - Reversed direction, gaining ground last wee. Continue reading
Posted on 27 July 2015 | 1:26 am
OzForex Research
Major Currency Pair Movements Last Week: EUR/USD - Traded sharply lower last week. USD/JPY - Gained ground last week. GBP/USD - Gained ground last week. AUD/USD - Extended its previous week’s losses. USD/CAD - Continued its sharp rally. NZD/USD - Resumed its downtrend last week. Continue reading
Posted on 20 July 2015 | 2:29 am
OzForex Research
Major Currency Pair Movements Last Week: EUR/USD - Reversed direction. USD/JPY - Gained last week. GBP/USD - Reversed direction. AUD/USD - Reversed direction. USD/CAD - Gained a fraction. NZD/USD - Extended its previous week’s losses. Continue reading
Posted on 29 June 2015 | 1:41 pm
OzForex Research
Major Currency Pair Movements Last Week: EUR/USD - Extended its gains. USD/JPY - Extended its previous week’s losses. GBP/USD - Continued its rally last week. AUD/USD - Extended its previous week’s gains. USD/CAD - Continued its decline. NZD/USD - Continued selling off last week. Continue reading
Posted on 22 June 2015 | 1:53 pm
OzForex Research
Major Currency Pair Movements Last Week: EUR/USD - Extended its gains last week. USD/JPY - Reversed direction. GBP/USD - Gained ground. AUD/USD - Extended its previous week’s gains. USD/CAD - Extended its previous week’s losses. NZD/USD - Lost a fraction last week. Continue reading
Posted on 10 May 2015 | 7:17 pm

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